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By Jessica Bennett

Hi, and welcome to our Show Bulletin Bord. This is where we will post our families placings in all of the Local Open Shows, 4-H Shows and The Indiana State Fair.

In our family we mostly show our horses but showing some of our other animals is also an option. Some times we have four or even eight horses that we take to one show. Depending on the show and the classes, all three of us J's may be in the same class or just one person in one class at a time.

By the way, only Me-J1 and J2&3 are old enough to show in our local 4-H program (which is in Delaware County) J4 has not yet hit the first grade mark to show in mini 4-H, even if she can ride our thirty-some year old pony bare-back.

All of the shows that we go to are held in the summer from June until around August. In September and October we like to go trail riding at Westwood Park but we only go if it hasn't rained in the past three days. Otherwise the trail is a muddy slur and it's hard for the horses to get proper footing. The rest of the time we are either training or just having fun with our horses.

Thanks for stopping by.

2008 Show Season

J2 & Sadie+Hank At the Delaware County Show July 13th
First-Third English Showmanship JR (Hank)
First-??? Simon Says (Fun Class)(Sadie)
Fourth-Six English Halter Geldings Horses JR&SR (Hank)
Fourth-Nine Western Showmanship Horse&Pony (Hank)
Fourth-Ten Western Pleasure JR (Hank)
Fith-Seven Gated Western Pleasure JR (Sadie)
Sixth-Six Gated Trail JR (Sadie)
Sixth-Six Trail Class JR (Sadie)

J3 & Dolly At the Delaware County Show July 13th
First-One English Type Pony Halter JR
Second-Three English Showmanship Horse&Pony JR
Third-Three Cart All Ages Horse&Pony JR


J1 & Blaze At the Indiana State Fair August 6th
Fourth-Seven western Halter 4&5 Year old All Exhibitors August 8th First-Seven Western Pleasure Five and Under All Exhibitors Fith-Twenty Western Pleasure All Exhibitors J2 & Hank At the Indiana State Fair August 6th Fith-Five Western Halter Gelding 16 and Over All Exhibtors J3 Was not aloud to show at the State Fair this year because she in the third grade and only fourth grade and over are aloud to show. However she may be in the 2009 show. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon. J1 J1's Show Dictarny Western Pleasure-Low and slow (for the horse) Long sleeve with a collar and black jeans with chaps on over them. Chaps-Colored leather worn on the legs, to help you stay in the saddle. Saddle-A peace of equipement that goes on the horses back and under you.


Date Event Rider Horse Class Place/
No. in Class
June 6 4-H Blue Denim Pracatice Show Jessica Blaze English Halter JR 1/5
        English Pleasure JR 2/5
        English Showmanship JR 2/4
        English Equation JR 2/4
        Western Pleasure JR 2/9
        Western Halter JR 3/13
        Western Showmanship JR 3/11
        Western Horsemanship JR 4/7
    Jeremiah Sadie These placings are MIA because Jeremiah wouldn't let me have them.  
      Hank They must be state secrets. He did pretty well. He even beat me in one class. He's practicing being humble I suppose. Though that's really not like him.  
    Jamie Dolly Jamie's placings are also MIA. Dolly was once again a good ol' pony. Didn't put up with any guff. Did her job with dignity, and patiently waited for all the other horses to show off.  
July 13 Delaware County Fair, 4-H Horse and Pony Show Jessica Blaze

Western Pleasure JR


Simon Says JR&SR (Fun Class)


Hunt Seat Equation JR


Hunt Seat Pleasure JR


Western Showmanship JR


Western Horsemanship JR


Trail Class JR


English Showmanship JR


English Halter Geldings JR&SR


Egg Race (Fun Class)


Western Type Geldings JR&SR






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