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they aren't chickens.... they're "the ladies"

First and foremost, we call them The Ladies. The laying hens we had left from our first dozen chicks, have earned "Permanent Farm Animal" status, and are banded with a blue leg band. The Ladies are the matriarchs of the coop and will forever rule over the rest of the flock as long as they cluck.

The Ladies Are: Butterscotch, Lacy, Oreo, Penny, Smudge. (In alphabetical order. We have never been sure what the pecking order is with this crew.)

We've been raising them since the spring of 2006. It's a long story and an interesting one at that. I started a journal site, where you can read more about The Ladies and the rest of the flock.

I also included a newsletter service on YahooGroups to keep people updated on sale schedules and journal updates. So check that out too.

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