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We're official farmers now!! Made the first batch of sausage gravy from our farm raised pigs. [Read more on the Pigs Page]


Well... the Stinkin' Pigs are finally off to Hog Heaven. [Read more on the Pigs Page] Their Earth Suits will be conveniently left behind, neatly wrapped and arranged in Eatin' Order in our freezer, as a reminder of the blessings God bestows upon those who will toil and work (and sink in the muck, and stink for days, and get their toes nibbled) for their livelihoods. Once I get a taste of our family farm raised bacon, with our pastured and pampered eggs, I'll probably have more evenly tempered feelings about raising Stinkin' Pigs. Still, you'll hear me kickin' and screamin' if we end up doing this same thing next year. Even a decent ham sandwich won't stop THAT from happening


The Pos'm Wars Continue (ongoing)
I keep telling myself: "All I need is ONE POINT to win this thing. One.... Stinkin'.... Point...."

Pos'm War Games delayed due to inclement weather. I went out to the barn on the morning of the 15th, and the thermometer read -14 degrees!! Needless to say, the trap was empty. It's no warmer in the barn than in his hidey hole.

Pos'm-8; Faux Farmer-0 (+2 cats)

This is just getting downright stupid. I've had a can of perfectly good chicken in that trap (which is frozen solid by now) and so far, NOTHING. I'm thinking I would have better luck, just walking into the woods and emptying my .22 Critter Killer in a random pattern into the trees.

Pos'm-7; Faux Farmer-0 (+2 cats)

Well, the war continues. Pos'm now has 7. I'm thinking now, that this guy has a schedule, and likes his early evening snack at our cat food feeder just after dusk. That's the only time I've actually caught him IN the barn, walking around, avoiding the trap altogether. (which is closed, because we have three thousand cats around, and if I left the trap open all day, we'd be catching nothing but stupid cats that can't figure out a trap when they see one. By the way, cats are still snooty and aloof, even in a trap. They patiently sit in there, giving me a look like, "I meant to do this. It's YOU that's late coming out here to release me. Slacker. As I open the trap so the cat can saunter out, I grumble, "Well you can't be THAT smart. Even a Country Pos'm knows not to even go in there.

Pos'm-6; Faux Farmer-0 (+2 cats)

Well... we actually met face to face last night. Pos'm was lookin' at the live trap, and slowly looked up to me as if to say, "You expect me to go in there? You ARE an idiot!" There was a standoff there in the barn for about twenty minutes before I encouraged it to head on out so I could make the fight fair. Needless to say, Pos'ms are faster than I thought. By the time he had made it around the side of the barn towards the woods, with me in pursuit... I was wishing that I had that laser sight.

This thing isn't cute, so don't no one start getting all mushy on me.

The score now stands at Pos'm-5; Faux Farmer-0 (+2 cats)

This morning places me (I believe) firmly in the notable position of experienced Cat Hunter! I have now captured in our live trap, the same Feral Tom, twice. All of our millions of welcome and official barn cats are stuck in the basement, stinkin' up the place, while Tom the interloper, gets a free meal without having to risk even ONE of his Nine Lives. Just doesn't seem fair. I reset the trap for the night after letting Tom out ... AGAIN. I then came back out to the barn this morning to find it open, bait untouched.

I'm beginning to question the wisdom of Google, since it was there that I learned Pos'ms like moist cat food. I'm thinkin' that the people at Friskies would like to have me trying to trap Pos'm for years to come. I'll bet if Google wanted me to catch cats, he would have told me to bait the trap with Monkey Chow! Nevertheless; though Faux Farmer is easily confused, he is often persistent.


Web site is up and finally running. (As you can see 'cause you're lookin' at it.) Complaints are rolling in! Why are there pictures of chickens on the "Horses" page? (The image headers rotate every time you refresh a page. It's not a bug, IT'S A FEATURE!) Why are the kids' pictures there? Aren't we worried about predators? (Who said they were ours? They could be rented.) There aren't any cute pictures of the pigs on the pigs page. (Are pigs ever really cute? Really....) So I've concluded that the site must really be a hit, since people are so darn excited to see that it's wonderful-perfect and all.


Putting together the web site [finally] so family and friends can marvel at how I've managed to go from a Creative Photographer Type Person [Exhibit A] to something resembling a Farmer Type Person. [Exhibit B]

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


Happy New Year! We spent the evening of the last day of 2008, watching videos [The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, Horton Hears a Who and episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show] and almost forgetting to check the clock. We yelled in to sleeping Country Wife sometime around Midnight, heard a grunt, and that was that.

Marveling still, that we have not received broadcast or cable TV in the house since we moved in. Over two years now. Time will tell if we've raised socially warped children. Something tells me that if we do... it won't necessarily be because we didn't watch TV.





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