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090223: MySpace Between the Ears
Social Networking. It's going to ruin an entire generation, if it hasn't already. And it's going to be backwards compatible, because my generation and younger (< 45) are going down the tubes of virtual, vacuous socialization. Let's do a lot of nothing and say something was accomplished. Or better yet, let's just call each other BFFs and call it a day. [more...]

090208: Thoughts on Certifications and Labels
I'm sure by now, you've figured out that "Best Eggs on the Planet" hints at just a bit of hyperbole. If you're thinking that I should be proving that claim somehow to certify that my labeling is correct, then I have four words for you: No Eggs For You!! [more...]

090119: So why do we call it "The Promised Farm?"
Looking back on the experience of finding the right property that God promised us, there is just no way we could have named it anything but, The Promised Farm. [More]



articles and essays

Coming soon: More pieces that are pretty much true, but don't fit into the "Stories" category. They might not even have anything to do with farming. Or they may just answer simple questions, like: Why do you call your farm The Promised Farm?



Without a doubt, I am sure some opinionated rants are coming this way soon.

activism (if you could call it that) education and information (is more like it)

090117: NAIS and why we don't like it
NAIS stands for the National Animal Identification System. It is a national program to identify and track livestock animals, including poultry, horses, cattle, goats and sheep for the purpose of disease containment. [More] web site



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Here are the stories that you can be pretty sure have been fictionalized just enough to protect my fragile nature. That is—to protect myself from revealing the fact that I'm pretty much an absent-minded, city-raised, country-ignorant kind of guy.

There's just enough truth to reveal my obvious flaws to those who are close readers. And for the others who just want to find something to rib me about; this is the place for you too. Plenty of fodder for... hey... isn't that a "farm word?" Fodder? ... Anyway.... Hmmmm. What was I saying?

Oh... ever watch Finding Nemo? Yeah... Dori and I are probably related.

You'll find stories like: Chickens Are Stupid and Publicly Schooled Chickens on the Stories Page. So check it out and enjoy.

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Evan Almighty: We liked this film so much, we bought it. [More]

Finding Nemo: This is one of those films where we say: Just get it. [More]

Horton Hears a Who: We liked this film so much, we bought it. [More]

You can read more reviews with links to our favorite film rating site,, by going to the "Because I Say So..." page.







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New information as of Feb. 2009. Even with the TRILLIONS of dollars going towards the socialization of our country, our government is determined to make it worse by implementing the NAIS program. This is another nail in the coffin being prepared for an economy that is being killed by the virus of Socialism. Click the image above to learn more.

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