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Does the color of an egg's shell make a difference in the quality or taste of an egg? (or Are brown eggs better for you than white?)
The short answer is, no. Shell color is a function of the chicken's biology and has nothing to do with the nutritional or chemical makeup of the individual egg. All eggs from chickens will have the same basic nutritional qualities no matter the size of the egg or color of the shell. Preference of brown over white or the other way around seems to be more of a cultural thing than anything else. Countries outside of the U.S. actually prefer to pay extra for, and favor white eggs. They'll tell you that the white ones are better tasting and healthier for you than the brown. Now... To be sure, what the chicken EATS is more important in relation to the taste, color and healthfulness of an egg. Freshness also plays a factor. Farm fresh eggs will always taste better than eggs from 'factory' hens raised in cages and delivered more than a week after laying.

Why do your eggs taste different? Almost too eggy.
Because they are probably two weeks fresher than the eggs you bought at the store. Freshness and diet (of the hens) are the two items that make our eggs the best in the world. What you are tasting is how a REAL EGG should taste. Hens that eat a lot of grass on the pasture tend to lay eggs that have dark, almost red-orange yolks. Fresh egg yolks are 'perky' and not flat or deflated when you crack them. Pale light yellow yolks and whites that spread thinly in the frying pan are a sign that your eggs aren't as fresh, nor are the hens raised on a diverse diet. Think of the difference between watered down 1% milk and whole milk. Some people might have to get used to the taste of a fresh egg. Most can never imagine going back.

How fresh are your eggs?
We are currently selling out of all of our eggs every week. No matter what our production level, we try to promise that you will always be eating the freshest eggs possible, short of picking them out of the nests yourself.


did you know.... egg provides all the minerals and vitamins you need for the day, including Vitamin D? The only one missing is Vitamin C. So make sure orange juice is a part of your well balanced breakfast.


...there is no significant difference between white and brown eggs with regards to the nutritional value? An egg can be made a little healthier by feeding the hens extra Omega 3 Fatty Acids (giving them a little more than are already in there. And the yolk can be brighter — almost orange if the hens are free ranged and are eating a good amount of grasses. But for the most part, there is no difference. I personally like our blue-green bantam hen eggs. It just takes a lot more to make a good sized omelet.





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