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Egg Casserole | Kielbasa

If anyone asks the kids for their favorite egg recipe, without a doubt, it would probably be Egg Casserole. It's a holiday favorite, Sunday Before Church favorite, and it's a "Cook's Favorite" because it's easy to put together the night before, so all you have to do in the morning is pop it in the oven and start the coffee.

Anything other than eggs? Sure. Check out the simple recipe, but involved process of making home made kielbasa. Raising the pigs yourself, is optional. Most people just go to the store to buy their Pork Butts.

egg casserole

We'll get to working on this page soon. Please drop us an e-mail so we can let you know when the page is done. I'll even e-mail you the recipe.

real polish kielbasa

Jessica got to spend a couple of days with her Aunt Julie, making real Polish Kielbasa with our fresh-from-the-farm Pork Butts. Read her story and then download the recipe.





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